February 10, 2005

Searching for documents at your relatives' house

Gotthold_wedding_dataYears ago as a young kid at my grandmother's house, I stumbled upon a book in the living room shelves: it was a bible, in german (and gothic print).

I remember it had some names on it. After investigating with my grandmother, I started scribbling an original family tree on that side. I must have been about 10 years old.
Actually the bible was a present to Immanuel Gotthold TZSCHABRAN on his wedding day to Clara WIESE. They married in the military barracks church in Frankfurt an der Oder (Gotthold was a officer in the Imperial army).

PreussenIt has additional information: Gotthold was born in Pitschen (see dot 1 in the map), and Clara was born in Wehlau, now Znamensk in Russia (dot 3). Their wedding was in Frankfurt/Oder (dot 2). (Microsoft MapPoint is a very useful piece of software for genealogy!)

Finally, the book has a picture of Martin Luther, another indication of were to do my research in Germany today, had I not known that part of that family was Lutheran.

Gotthold_bible_page_de_gardeI finally got my grandmother to give me that Bible: it is safe now in the hands of the family genealogist !

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January 15, 2005

Ancestors' surname list for my son on sepulveda.org

SepulvedaorgFollowing the post below on the new surnames on which I'm looking for information, here are the surnames in the tree of my son. They are sorted alphabetically, and include location and dates for easy comparison. If you have a friend password for this site, then you can also link directly to the relevant section of the tree. I'm really mostly interested in these names, but of course any other piece of intormation is welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Surname list (updated on 22/1/05):


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August 02, 2004

Omama turns 80 - big HANNIG family reunion in Santiago

IMG_0060My maternal grand-mother, Nelda HANNIG KORTWICH turned 80 last week. My mother, Doris SCHULZ HANNIG organized a party last Saturday in Santiago, Chile, with over 40 family members, including cousins to the 3rd degree. My grandmother's young cousin Alex HANNIG ANDERSON was there taking some pictures.
You will find them on http://www.hannig.cl/fotos/.
Update on 11/08/04: Selection of those pictures plus more are available in the photoalbum to the right, including captions.

The HANNIG clan family tree is here, but you will need a password to access the full names here (names of living persons born less than a 100 years ago are masked, unless they are public figures).


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