July 01, 2010

archivo ibero-americano

access the page here. Screenshot 2010-07-01 at 13.12.54

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May 28, 2007

ULRIKSEN & RUIZ families

Maiz_sur_220 Distant cousin Christian ULRIKSEN RUIZ has sent us a picture with his son Tomas, fishing a VERY big fish. In his email, he copies a lot of his closer cousin and sends around the user / password for our family tree. Looking forward to a lot of updates from the family.

And in the meantime we discovered that Guillermo RUIZ, a classmate of mine at INSEAD is a first-degree cousin of his... small world.

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January 15, 2005

Ancestors' surname list for my son on sepulveda.org

SepulvedaorgFollowing the post below on the new surnames on which I'm looking for information, here are the surnames in the tree of my son. They are sorted alphabetically, and include location and dates for easy comparison. If you have a friend password for this site, then you can also link directly to the relevant section of the tree. I'm really mostly interested in these names, but of course any other piece of intormation is welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Surname list (updated on 22/1/05):


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July 17, 2004

Welcome to sepulveda.org

sepulveda_esDear Friends,

welcome to the new version of sepulveda.org !

Some history
A quick check on register.com tells me I registered the sepulveda.org domain name on November 1st, 1997, and since then the site we had up hasn't really changed (you may still view it here for a while) for a number of reasons:
- I had to edit all HTML content by hand, upload it, reindex links, etc. It was a cumbersome process, and just thought of going through it was enough not to update the site
- I was the main provider of content for the site, although regularly we had new information from new members on our mailing list (links coming shortly on the left bar).

New solution
A recent phenomenon is taking the Internet by storm: it's called blogs, which are essentially personal pages with content management systems. They help create content very easily and enable readers to post comments very easily. We had previously a guestbook set up, but it hasn't evolved in the past year, probably because readers find it difficult to intereact on the site.
This site is launched on the typepad platform, which I have been testing for a few months with my personal blog on sepulveda.net. It is easy to use, and allows many authors to publish content as well.

The future of this site
I shall be migrating slowly all the content from our previous site into this new system. You will soon find all your favourite links, family tree and content.
I also plan to document the regular steps I take when researching ancestors: visits to archives, to relatives, to cemetaries, etc. and tell you the process on how we got there, how we got information, how we deducted more information. I am confident you will find these posts interesting and I encourage you to react or drop me an email at any time.

Finally, the aim of this site has always been to unite people with SEPÚLVEDA heritage around the world. We shall continue to do so. I hope you like it and that you will contribute actively to it.

I look forward to your comments.

Kind regards,

Family names researched in this post: SEPULVEDA

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