June 24, 2007

Ulriksen descendants meet up

  Ulriksen descendants meet up 
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in Paris on June 21st, 2007, 3 descendants of Daniel ULRICHSEN met up: Christian ULRIKSEN RUIZ, Rodrigo SEPULVEDA SCHULZ, Daniel VIÑAR ULRIKSEN

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June 21, 2007

Update on another branch of the ULRIKSEN JOLLY


Guillermo ULRIKSEN JOLLY writes in to update us on the weddings of his sons, and sends in pictures of his branch of the family. Great, he was the last one missing :) we are now expecting an update on the dates of birth, etc.

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June 17, 2007

Update on tree of President German RIESCO


Enrique VENEGAS FLORES sent me an email to correct a bad source in the tree. He also sent me his tree link.

Indeed, full of information, and in particular a huge chunk of the genealogy of President RIESCO that I tried to update. Lots more in this tree I'm sure.

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June 07, 2007

Prof. Pablo ULRIKSEN UGARTE has died


Surfing the Web, we found an obituary for Profesor Pablo ULRIKSEN UGARTE, who died in December 2005. More information about him here.

His obituary mentions 5 children; we only have 4 in the tree. Are we missing someone, or is it a mistake ?

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update on the GANA ULRIKSEN branch


Reverand Daniel GANA ULRIKSEN writes in to update his branch of the family, announce the birth of his grand-daughter Sophie Elisabeth, and sends in also some pictures. We've also updated part of his wife's family tree. This picture also came with this anchor:

El diácono Daniel Gana, chileno radicado en Canadá, junto a su señora Carmen. Él fue quien represento a los diáconos de habla hispana en el Encuentro Mundial de la Juventud en toronto 2002.  Estuvo en el escenario junto al Papa Juan Pablo II.

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update on the RAURICH ULRIKSEN branch


Kurt RAURICH SOTO writes in to update some information on his daughters, to update us on the death of father and uncle Percy and Ronnie RAURICH ULRIKSEN respectively. Thanks for the update.

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June 03, 2007

updating the 17-19th century tree branches

Familiasfundadoras1 Familiasfundadoras2 Familiasfundadoras3

Our family tree is strongly connected to the core founding families of Chile. These were first described for the general public in the 3 volumes of "Familias Fundadoras de Chile" (using stuff from Mujica, La Cuadra Gormaz, Nobleza colonial de Chile, and others). I've typed in all the tables at the end to provide for a skeleton to the tree, but only according to research additional information there.

Our tree was first connected there to the VERGARA family through Arturo SIVORI VERGARA x Teresa ULRIKSEN FABRES. We have found a few other touchpoints mroe recently between our family tree and the general Chilean tree.

We are now again connected to the VERGARA, MONTT, CORREA, ORTIZ de GAETE and many more families through the parents of Inès JOLLY MONGE, on her maternal side.

Had we not typed in for the past many years the branches of more famous families, these connections would not have happened so easily.

We took the occasion to update some tree branches recently, as we connected brothers ans sisters together, individuals known with different variations of their last names, etc.

Two more recent resources have been :
. Bibioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile listing members of parliament (bios, dates, pictures): http://biografias.bcn.cl/pags/biografias/
. a new version of Mauricio Pilleux's site: www.genealog.cl, with a largely updated listing of data.

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Lots of new pictures on the ULRIKSEN JOLLY tree branch

Priscila_ulriksen_ruiz    Ulriksenjolly

has sent in lots of new pictures, information about her recent wedding (congrats!), and a few corrections on the family tree for the ULRIKSEN JOLLY family branch. Thanks!


Other family members from the same branch or other branches can of course do the same :)

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June 02, 2007

tracing my SEPULVEDA CASTILLO ancestry

On my trips to the Civil Registry (central office) in Santiago de Chile this January, I went to the Index section. There you only have access to lists and lists of names PER TOWN AND YEAR. A fantastic way to trace back your ancestors. The latest clues I had *** 2 years ago *** was that Guillermo SEPULVEDA CASTILLO was connected to a small town called Los Sauces, near Angol.

Hence there we go, browsing for all the SEPULVEDAs and CASTILLOs in the index of Los Sauces, for years 1880-1910 approximately (in case you find a death certificate, a wedding certificate, a birth certificate).


And there I found only ONE death certificate for Etelvina CASTILLO, daughter of Juan de Dios CASTILLO and Dolores BURGO(S?). Maybe the one ?

I also found one death certificate for Eduvijes SEPULVEDA (not a very common name), male, son of José Maria SEPULVEDA x Nieves CONCHA. Were these the parents ? Remember, the birth certificate of Guillermo said he was a "natural" child, meaning his parents were not married when he was born. I couldn't find a wedding certificate for Etelvina and Eduvije...

Hum... You don't have much information more on the index certificates. You have to ask there for a facsimile. Minimum 3 weeks. Then as I was travelling back to Europe, I had to find someone (my mom) to get the facsimiles, scan them, send them to me...

So here a few months later, I'm with both death certificates (where the parents are mentionned, they do not appear in the indexes...); Eduvijes and Etelvina were married to other people. Was this an outside-matrimony affair ? or were they married later ?

Big problem. I would need to go back and investigate more. But as usual, a little trip to the Mormon sites might help (reminder: they DO NOT publish online all their material. You have to go to a temple, takes 2 months to order a microfilm, only 1 or 2 at the time... You'd better have patience).

Now it's easier to check as I have parents. So there I type in the ADVANCED SEARCH:

"José Eduvije" + "SEPULVEDA" + "exact spelling".

And total surprise, I've found the couple, married a couple of years later, with a typo in the spelling of her. Hurray !




Parents for Etelvina here are correct, but not for José Eduvije. The certificate I had found was not the one. Dates coincide here too. So here we are, ONE generation up on this side of my family. (The nice thing is that it had a batch no for the Mormon films. This usually helps in tracing the other indexes online.)

I'll need to find the original of this wedding certificate now. Also start taking to churches now (since we are passed Civil Registry creation dates) for original death certificates of the parents, their wedding certificates, and birth certificates of parents and kids.

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The ULRIKSENs are planning a big family reunion soon in Chile

In the past few days, Susy ULRIKSEN JOLLY has been circulating emails and documents, in order to prepare for a big meeting among all descendants of Daniel ULRICHSEN. There's even an Excel sheet with all emails going on.

If you are interested, leave a message or contact her directly. Emails have been copied in the notes section of every person concerned. You'll need a pass to access them though.

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