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June 24, 2007

Ulriksen descendants meet up

  Ulriksen descendants meet up 
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in Paris on June 21st, 2007, 3 descendants of Daniel ULRICHSEN met up: Christian ULRIKSEN RUIZ, Rodrigo SEPULVEDA SCHULZ, Daniel VIÑAR ULRIKSEN

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June 21, 2007

Update on another branch of the ULRIKSEN JOLLY


Guillermo ULRIKSEN JOLLY writes in to update us on the weddings of his sons, and sends in pictures of his branch of the family. Great, he was the last one missing :) we are now expecting an update on the dates of birth, etc.

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June 17, 2007

Update on tree of President German RIESCO


Enrique VENEGAS FLORES sent me an email to correct a bad source in the tree. He also sent me his tree link.

Indeed, full of information, and in particular a huge chunk of the genealogy of President RIESCO that I tried to update. Lots more in this tree I'm sure.

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Updating the LEBEGUE - THOMAS family


It's been almost 3 years since we've updated this branch of the tree. I found a mailing list today on Cousins77 with a few names similar to ours : THOMAS, LEBEGUE, DABON.

They were all researched by M. Jean COUSIN. I emailed him, and only a couple of hours later I got an email with extra information (3 generations and part confirmation of my hypothesis...).

I'm now stuck with a person : on the grave there are 3 persons I can't identify:
* Marguertie REMY, died after 6 days in 1895. Who's she the daughter of ? Definitely her mother must be a THOMAS ?
* Sophie MANCELLE, spouse DABON (and not widow), died at 64 in 1889 (meaning she was born in 1825). Who's she maried to ? M. Cousin sent me a "Marie Anne Sophie MANCEL 1776-1826). Very close, but at least one generation apart.
* Edmond THOMAS, died at 14 in 1851. My guess is that he is the brother of Adolphine THOMAS.

I think I need to go to the AD 77 again...

In the meantime, on Geneanet and on patro.com, I found many folks relating to the DABON in Moret-sur-Loing. 2 other branches too in Hericy and Montereau (close by). Looking for a link there as well.

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June 07, 2007

Prof. Pablo ULRIKSEN UGARTE has died


Surfing the Web, we found an obituary for Profesor Pablo ULRIKSEN UGARTE, who died in December 2005. More information about him here.

His obituary mentions 5 children; we only have 4 in the tree. Are we missing someone, or is it a mistake ?

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update on the GANA ULRIKSEN branch


Reverand Daniel GANA ULRIKSEN writes in to update his branch of the family, announce the birth of his grand-daughter Sophie Elisabeth, and sends in also some pictures. We've also updated part of his wife's family tree. This picture also came with this anchor:

El diácono Daniel Gana, chileno radicado en Canadá, junto a su señora Carmen. Él fue quien represento a los diáconos de habla hispana en el Encuentro Mundial de la Juventud en toronto 2002.  Estuvo en el escenario junto al Papa Juan Pablo II.

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update on the RAURICH ULRIKSEN branch


Kurt RAURICH SOTO writes in to update some information on his daughters, to update us on the death of father and uncle Percy and Ronnie RAURICH ULRIKSEN respectively. Thanks for the update.

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June 03, 2007

updating the 17-19th century tree branches

Familiasfundadoras1 Familiasfundadoras2 Familiasfundadoras3

Our family tree is strongly connected to the core founding families of Chile. These were first described for the general public in the 3 volumes of "Familias Fundadoras de Chile" (using stuff from Mujica, La Cuadra Gormaz, Nobleza colonial de Chile, and others). I've typed in all the tables at the end to provide for a skeleton to the tree, but only according to research additional information there.

Our tree was first connected there to the VERGARA family through Arturo SIVORI VERGARA x Teresa ULRIKSEN FABRES. We have found a few other touchpoints mroe recently between our family tree and the general Chilean tree.

We are now again connected to the VERGARA, MONTT, CORREA, ORTIZ de GAETE and many more families through the parents of Inès JOLLY MONGE, on her maternal side.

Had we not typed in for the past many years the branches of more famous families, these connections would not have happened so easily.

We took the occasion to update some tree branches recently, as we connected brothers ans sisters together, individuals known with different variations of their last names, etc.

Two more recent resources have been :
. Bibioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile listing members of parliament (bios, dates, pictures): http://biografias.bcn.cl/pags/biografias/
. a new version of Mauricio Pilleux's site: www.genealog.cl, with a largely updated listing of data.

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Lots of new pictures on the ULRIKSEN JOLLY tree branch

Priscila_ulriksen_ruiz    Ulriksenjolly

has sent in lots of new pictures, information about her recent wedding (congrats!), and a few corrections on the family tree for the ULRIKSEN JOLLY family branch. Thanks!


Other family members from the same branch or other branches can of course do the same :)

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June 02, 2007

Looking for an online social family network

Geni - Everyone's Related

My online family tree has now more than 18,000 members in it. I'm also part of the Roglo database, soon approaching the with over 2m members. It's getting very difficult for me to keep track of all my family contacts (I use the NOTE field in every person's file, but it's not easily searchable and manageable), send them updates about the tree (I use the sepulveda.org blog), or enabling them to subscribe to a ping for an update on any particular branch of the family tree.

The Geneweb software I'm using is not allowing it, nor is the service hosting the tree for me.
I'm really in the need for a social family network hosted service.

Hence I looked again at Geni today.

Its interface is very slick and seems to have a lot of the bells & whistles I'm looking for : but after playing with it for a few minutes, there's no appeal. It's not for me. I'm a pro-am genealogist, with many thousand people in my database, meaning I need to manage many different communities (by ancestor mainly), that can interact or not between themselves.

I understand the simplicity of Geni for adding new family members (good for rookie genealogists), but in my case, there's no way I'm going to start retyping everything, and although I might look into importing my GEDCOM file to Geni (THIS FEATURE IS NOT AVAILABLE? crazy), I will always maintain it inside geneweb. Hence I need social features added on top on my existing tool.

I also need a way to easily manage pictures for a community (I currently use Flickr Albums for this), so that everyone interested in this community can browse through them. Pictures in my case include at least:
. pictures taken of original documents (such as birth, marriage, death certificates)
. pictures taken at cemeteries, places: documenting the life of the person
. pictures of individuals at family reunions.
Of course, my guess is that we should start to use video soon as well.

Additional uses are comments, events organization (family reunions, weddings, baptisms, etc.), bulletin board, etc. And not to be forgotten, heavy use of maps such as Google Earth for :
. different places where a person has lived
. where they are now
. where they are born, buried, etc.

Finally, the one feature I like about LinkedIn is the updated profile features that tells me what my friends are up to. I'd love the same thing on what my family members are up to.

There must be a way to create a mashup of all of this.

There's an interesting discussion about Geni and all its competitors on Techcrunch (mainly based on the valuation, which I don't care much for).

Geni’s family tree builder is really nice but MyFamily.com was the first to realize the market, Amigila.com was the first to build a Flash-based family tree tool. Famiva went limited beta with the viral family tree concept before Geni.

Famiva’s Java-applet based animated family network visualizer is also cool, plus it has many features designed to keep families stay current and keep coming back. MyHeritage and KinKafe are also worth a look. And then there’s the flashy Famundo. Geni is not alone in the Family 2.0 space.

I haven't tested all the services mentionned above yet (anyone that might help ?), but I was thinking more about maybe mixing NING or PeopleAggregator with Geneanet. Has anyone done it yet ?

If I were to start a new company today, this would probably be in the top of the list:

. something I care for

. something that can (OR NOT) be very scalable: at least for me, I see a heavy need, and I would be very much willing to pay for, in the hundreds of euros / year.

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