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May 29, 2007

The Federico ULRIKSEN x Ernestina BECKER family


Cousin Susana ULRIKSEN JOLLY sends us this lovely picture of the ULRIKSEN BECKER family. Since Hans was born in 1923, the picture must have been taken around 1922.

With names it's always easier :)
ULRIKSEN BECKER family with names

And of course, the self appointed coat of arms :) :


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Painter Ignacio SALAS GANA


Remote cousin Ignacio SALAS GANA (son of Cecilia GANA ULRIKSEN) sent the family an email (see his bio) describing his career as an arquitect, and how he evolved more recently to focus on his passion: painting. He grew up in the USA and lives in New York.

His site: www.lucestra.com has an extensive bio, and many samples of his paintings.

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extending the ancestry of the JOLLY and MONGE families

We have a new genealogist in the family: Inès JOLLY MONGE has been sending quite a bit of updates about her family on the JOLLY and MONGE sides. We have managed to connect her data to the rest of the tree in many places, including through the CORREA VERGARA branch twice, bringing her ancestry up to the conquistadores immediately.

Thanks for the information and welcome to the family tree. And by luck, she also lives in Paris...

Update: we've exchanged a bit more data, and we've hooked her up through 3 or 4 more main branches of Chilean families.

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May 28, 2007

ULRIKSEN & RUIZ families

Maiz_sur_220 Distant cousin Christian ULRIKSEN RUIZ has sent us a picture with his son Tomas, fishing a VERY big fish. In his email, he copies a lot of his closer cousin and sends around the user / password for our family tree. Looking forward to a lot of updates from the family.

And in the meantime we discovered that Guillermo RUIZ, a classmate of mine at INSEAD is a first-degree cousin of his... small world.

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Update on the ULRIKSEN MORETTI family

Jju_abr2007 Distant cousin Juan José ULRIKSEN MENDIA wrote to us to update his branch of the family. In addition to places, he tells us unfortunately that his daughter Alejandra has passed away in 2002, that she had another son Vincente in 2001; that his daughter Constanza is now married since 2004 with Ernesto.

We expect some new pictures from his side of the family soon.

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