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December 25, 2005

Recolored: Automatic colorizing for B&W photos


Impressive. Haven’t tried it yet, but will in a minute to colorize all the old black&white pictures I have from my family (remember I’m a genealogist ?).

“A while back some cool videos went around depicting an algorithm for colorizing black-and-white images and videos by scribbling on them, but the only way you could try it out yourself was if you owned a copy of Matlab, a $1,900 piece of software for mathematicians and grad students. Now Norwegian developer Haakon Bertheussen has implemented the algorithm in his own program called Recolored, and the Windows beta is available to play with for free. It's really a bit of a wonder and a hoot to play with. Here's hoping Bertheussen releases a Photoshop plugin version (and implements the video half of the algorithm, too).”

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December 22, 2005

Meet Pablo BLANCO TRAVERSO, a distinguished genealogist from Chile

Download RSS027_PabloBlancoTraverso.mp4

This is a very unusual video, that I taped in SPANISH (listen to our beautiful Chilean accent) about 6 weeks ago, when the famous Pablo BLANCO TRAVERSO, a famous geenalogist from Chile was on a professional visit in Paris. I had been chatting with Pablo for many years without ever meeting him in person. Magic of the Internet ! I even spent a whole day driving to small villages in Italy last summer looking for data for him.

Pablo is the co-founder with Santiago SCHULER of [ChileGenea], the Chilean genealogy mailing list on Yahoo! groups, one of the only place where you will find useful help on Chilean families on the web. We have about 250 subscribers, asking for very specific data, or more novice users. Another good pointer is Mauricio PILLEUX’s page and ApellidosItalianos (an Argentian site!)

Pablo tells us that genealogy is a very rare occupation in Chile, with probably only 25 “serious” people involved (and of course we all know them). In terms of books, we only have about 10 reference books (+ the excellent yearly – or so – magazine from the Chilean Genealogy Association; I just bought the whole collection!!!) split in 3 main zones:

  • Families from the North, mainly in La Serena
  • Families from the center & Santiago, the more aristocratic families
  • Families from the South, mostly from German origin (my branch), studied by father Guarda.

Remember I do genealogy as a hobby ? Indeed I seldom talk about it, because that’s where I get a break in my mind.

And if you listen carefully, this interview wouldn’t have been complete without a few “huevaditas”

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