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May 29, 2005

2 remote cousins send their data in

Images_1Interesting day. It has been a while since relatives have written to me. Today Ilse SCHULZ FAUNDEZ and Claire JACQUIN épouse MORVAN sent me an email each to update some of the data I have on the family genealogical tree.

Thanks a lot: the tree can only be up to date is you do send me your details. Please keep on doing so at rodrigo [at sign] sepulveda [dot] org.

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May 22, 2005

Great software to locate cities and surroundings

Crossposted from sepulveda.net:

Contulmo1For many years, I used to rely on Mapquest to help me find places for my genealogical research. I would get a small square of a map that was good enough to find places.

Contulmo2Then came a fantastic software, Microsoft MapPoint, that allowed me to put a town in perspective with surrounding towns, and better understand interactions between villages. I even loved the tool that helped calculate distances between places.

I have been playing now for a few days with TWO pieces of software, and I have to confess that I'm completely blown away. I now can fly over the place, see in 3D mountains and cities:


I had never imagined that for instance that Contulmo - a town founded by my ancestors in the South of Chile (on the link, it's my grandmother sitting on the lap of her grandfather) - was in a small valley surrounded by mountains. Of course, I had heard that they arrived there by boat crossing the Lake Lanalhue: but indeed there is no other way there, excerpt crossing mountains!

Waow: these software allow you to navigate around the world in a few clicks: I have found my house in Paris, the place I grew up in in Thailand, etc. A fantastic treat.

It's now up to you: pay a 30$ yearly subscription to Google's Keyhole (faster search interface), or NASA's World Wind (great 3D rendering) for free. I'm going to be using both from now on.

Google's Keyhole:

NASA's World Wind:

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