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February 10, 2005

Using MSN to pursue genealogical research

GinaTechnology can make wonders. I had a very long (several hours) chat last night on MSN Messenger with Gina SEPULVEDA ESCOBAR, the youngest daughter of the youngest brother of my grandfather (are you still following? ;).

It appears we met in 1986 once, at the funeral of the eldest sister of my grand-father, but that was almost 20 years ago ! I got her MSN Messenger ID through my 2nd degree cousin Cristan SEPULVEDA VILLEGAS (her nephew) who visited me here in Paris last year.

Results : lots of fun, a great laugh, and a completely updated tree (added missing names or dates, corrected some dates, put the children in the right order...) for her father's descendants!

In addition, we played an extra trick: I called up another cousin of hers in Canada, Ricardo MOLINA SEPULVEDA, whom she hadn't seen or talked to in about 40 years! Then Gina's sister Maria Eugenia SEPULVEDA ESCOBAR joined the conversation. Mind you, this was chatting with people located in Paris France, Montreal Canada, Los Angeles Chile and Concepcion Chile...  Isn't genealogy fun ?

PS: pix of Gina taken it seems 2 weeks ago only.

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