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February 09, 2005

Solving the Renée de Dietrich mystery

We have finally come full circle. One of my wife's uncles, Philippe de Dietrich and myself have been trying to trace the youngest sister of one of their ancestors: Renée de Dietrich.
Written memories published by Philippe's mother years ago for the family, only mentionned the existence of this lady, Renée, without more information.

We have even come in touch with a family that thought they could descend from her for many years, until realizing their mistake.

Last year (at the French Archives for Oversees - CAOM - in Aix-en-Provence), I found Renée's birth certificate and wedding certificate to a M. Ernest FUSELLIER, whom she divorced later. Philippe found last week her death certificate (at the French Archives for people born outside of France, in Nantes), when she was only 25. Sad.

Here are the docs:

Adn_rene_de_dietrich Adm1_rene_de_dietrich_x_ernest_fuseillie Adm2_rene_de_dietrich_x_ernest_fuseillie Add_rene_de_dietrich

Just by coincidence, I got an email today from a person related to Ernest FUSELLIER, asking for more information. Funny isn'it ?

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