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February 14, 2005

More MSN chats to update pictures

CrisitanAnother long evening tonight chatting away with the family in Chile through MSN. My 2nd degree cousin Cristian SEPULVEDA VILLEGAS helped tonight add a few pictures to his side of the tree, so that it looks real nice now.

Long chat with my mother as well, showing her the tree on the net: she'll update hopefully some other parts. Recently she got hold of a baptism certificate of my grandfather Otto SCHULZ JARA that was hanging in the country house. She also got a certificate of marriage of my great-grandparents Max HANNIG ULRIKSEN and Teresa KORTWICH TZSCHABRAN, but I already had all the information.

Finally, my great uncle Samuel SEPULVEDA JARA is turning 88 net next Sunday in Concepcion, Chile. Everyone is going to be there, hence I expect a lot of new data + pictures from that family reunion. Too bad I'm about 14 flying hours away and won't be there.

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February 10, 2005

Pix of my great grand-father, Max HANNIG ULRIKSEN


Sometimes, in old books, you find old pictures stuck between the pages. Even in the old Bible I talked about earlier, there were a couple of pictures of my great-grand-father, Max HANNIG ULRIKSEN, from circa 1918-1921, the period of his military service in Chile.

Some even have his own handwritting explaining where the picture was taken:

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Searching for documents at your relatives' house

Gotthold_wedding_dataYears ago as a young kid at my grandmother's house, I stumbled upon a book in the living room shelves: it was a bible, in german (and gothic print).

I remember it had some names on it. After investigating with my grandmother, I started scribbling an original family tree on that side. I must have been about 10 years old.
Actually the bible was a present to Immanuel Gotthold TZSCHABRAN on his wedding day to Clara WIESE. They married in the military barracks church in Frankfurt an der Oder (Gotthold was a officer in the Imperial army).

PreussenIt has additional information: Gotthold was born in Pitschen (see dot 1 in the map), and Clara was born in Wehlau, now Znamensk in Russia (dot 3). Their wedding was in Frankfurt/Oder (dot 2). (Microsoft MapPoint is a very useful piece of software for genealogy!)

Finally, the book has a picture of Martin Luther, another indication of were to do my research in Germany today, had I not known that part of that family was Lutheran.

Gotthold_bible_page_de_gardeI finally got my grandmother to give me that Bible: it is safe now in the hands of the family genealogist !

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Using MSN to pursue genealogical research

GinaTechnology can make wonders. I had a very long (several hours) chat last night on MSN Messenger with Gina SEPULVEDA ESCOBAR, the youngest daughter of the youngest brother of my grandfather (are you still following? ;).

It appears we met in 1986 once, at the funeral of the eldest sister of my grand-father, but that was almost 20 years ago ! I got her MSN Messenger ID through my 2nd degree cousin Cristan SEPULVEDA VILLEGAS (her nephew) who visited me here in Paris last year.

Results : lots of fun, a great laugh, and a completely updated tree (added missing names or dates, corrected some dates, put the children in the right order...) for her father's descendants!

In addition, we played an extra trick: I called up another cousin of hers in Canada, Ricardo MOLINA SEPULVEDA, whom she hadn't seen or talked to in about 40 years! Then Gina's sister Maria Eugenia SEPULVEDA ESCOBAR joined the conversation. Mind you, this was chatting with people located in Paris France, Montreal Canada, Los Angeles Chile and Concepcion Chile...  Isn't genealogy fun ?

PS: pix of Gina taken it seems 2 weeks ago only.

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February 09, 2005

Solving the Renée de Dietrich mystery

We have finally come full circle. One of my wife's uncles, Philippe de Dietrich and myself have been trying to trace the youngest sister of one of their ancestors: Renée de Dietrich.
Written memories published by Philippe's mother years ago for the family, only mentionned the existence of this lady, Renée, without more information.

We have even come in touch with a family that thought they could descend from her for many years, until realizing their mistake.

Last year (at the French Archives for Oversees - CAOM - in Aix-en-Provence), I found Renée's birth certificate and wedding certificate to a M. Ernest FUSELLIER, whom she divorced later. Philippe found last week her death certificate (at the French Archives for people born outside of France, in Nantes), when she was only 25. Sad.

Here are the docs:

Adn_rene_de_dietrich Adm1_rene_de_dietrich_x_ernest_fuseillie Adm2_rene_de_dietrich_x_ernest_fuseillie Add_rene_de_dietrich

Just by coincidence, I got an email today from a person related to Ernest FUSELLIER, asking for more information. Funny isn'it ?

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Making progress on my paternal great-grand-parents


The original post on that couple has been updated on 9/02/05 based on new information: a cousin of mine, Cristian SEPULVEDA VILLEGAS has found the baptism certificates for

Guillermo SEPULVEDA CASTILLO and for Maria Praxedes JARA FUICA:

the only surviving brother of my grand-father (his grand-father) had a copy of them.

Add_guillermo_sepulveda_castilloHence, asking regularly all your family to search for family documents is always worth it !!! By the way here is the death certificate of Guillermo.

We are getting closer: we now have a place (Los Angeles, Chile) where to start looking for more information with confidence. Check the updated post to see how genealogical research makes progress. Stay tuned!

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