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January 15, 2005

Ancestors' surname list for my son on sepulveda.org

SepulvedaorgFollowing the post below on the new surnames on which I'm looking for information, here are the surnames in the tree of my son. They are sorted alphabetically, and include location and dates for easy comparison. If you have a friend password for this site, then you can also link directly to the relevant section of the tree. I'm really mostly interested in these names, but of course any other piece of intormation is welcome. Thanks for your interest.

Surname list (updated on 22/1/05):


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Internet reader adds 4 generations to the family tree ;)

DoncieuxAn Internet reader (Elysa VIRET) kindly sent me earlier this week an extract of her own family tree: it happens that she relates to my wife in the early 19th century; her ancestors Jean Baptiste DONCIEUX (born 1795) x Jeanne Etienette CELERIER (born 1796) are also ancestors of my wife. They originate from the town of Arlay, in the Jura region of France. It's very fortunate that she found this site as I haven't had time to go explore local archives there. Elysa has been doing her research in the local Archives Départementales (a PDF Document with 32 pages of facsimile documents is available here ) and I'm awaiting paper copies of all the documents she found: it's really great, as she added 24 ancestors to my wife's tree, ie. 4 generations back (click on the left pix for details), bringing that branch to the later years of the 17th century.

So folks, please check the above search bar, and try some family names. We might be related, and some of your work might help me, as some of my work might benefit you! ;) Do send any information in !

New surnames from this addition:

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Sissy HANNIG SALAS is born !

SissyOur cousin Alex HANNIG ANDERSON reports the birth of his first child, Elizabeth Nadinne ("Sissy") HANNIG SALAS on January 7th, 8 days ago. Mom (Valeria SALAS SALEH) is doing great, and the baby too. First pictures of her are available here at www.hannig.cl/sissy.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

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January 01, 2005

Family surname rules change in France today

ParcheminA new society law (dated March 4th 2002, modified JUne 10th 2003) starts today in France: all children born after January 1st, 2005 can bear either their father's surname, or their mother's surname, or a combination of both in whichever order.

Both parents need to register the child. It can be done only once for all unborn siblings, hence all kids will have the same name. For those children born before January 1st, 2005, they can also change their name, IF they were at least 13 years old, on September 1st, 2003.

If parents decide to use both their surnames, they will have to use 2 dashes (how stupid) to show it: Martin--Durant.

Liberation, among many other papers, is carrying the story (in French).

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