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January 01, 2005

Family surname rules change in France today

ParcheminA new society law (dated March 4th 2002, modified JUne 10th 2003) starts today in France: all children born after January 1st, 2005 can bear either their father's surname, or their mother's surname, or a combination of both in whichever order.

Both parents need to register the child. It can be done only once for all unborn siblings, hence all kids will have the same name. For those children born before January 1st, 2005, they can also change their name, IF they were at least 13 years old, on September 1st, 2003.

If parents decide to use both their surnames, they will have to use 2 dashes (how stupid) to show it: Martin--Durant.

Liberation, among many other papers, is carrying the story (in French).

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