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19 March 2005


Jacques Froissant

Who is big ?


Un petit souvenir de cette journée ? C'est par ici :


Hey Kevin, two things:1) Movable Type and MT Enteprise will alayws be grossly underreported in comparisons like this because of the large number of installations on intranets. Since I've rejoined the consulting world, my experience has shown that about 90% of the blogs I've worked with are not publically accessible. Because of the nature of corporate communications, intranet installations tend to be much larger (in terms of number of blogs/authors and general activity) than public facing installs.2) I'd love to see where Vox falls in this comparison. It also a generator tag ( Vox )


All of my questions setteld-thanks!


At last! Soetmnhig clear I can understand. Thanks!


That's a subtle way of thiiknng about it.

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What's it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?

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