03 March 2006

Want to present your innovation at the upcoming INNOVATE Europe conference ?


You are probably aware of the now world-famous DEMO conferences in the States. You might have followed me blogging live from Zaragoza last year in June.

The team at the Guidewire Group are doing it again, and according to their official site: “

Chris Shipley and Guidewire's analyst team will be holding a series of Innovator!Days across Europe in early March (download pdf) to meet with as many promising European startups as we can in preparation for Innovate!Europe and our first reserach report on Europe's best startups targeting global markets.

The Innovator!Days are a great opportunity for European information technology companies to meet with Chris and our analyst team to be considered for coverage in our upcoming research and to be featured at our upcoming events.

Given there's no cost to meet with Guidewire's analysts, and the meetings are confidential, promising European entrepreneurs have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by setting up some time to tell us what they are up to. Space is limited, so please apply for a meeting before February 24th.

As it stands, we're conducting Innovator!Days in Paris, London, Dublin, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza between March 7th and March 17th.



If you are looking beyonf your local markets and are aiming at a more international exposure with great VCs and join the entrepreneurial ecosystem, make sure you call in or mail in. My guess is that if you missed the deadline, but still have a great innovation to show, you want to be part of this boat!

23 June 2005

Loïc Le Meur, awarded the entrepreneur of the year prize @ Innovate'05

I case you missed my pictures on Flickr about Innovate! Europe, there are a lot of them online. Here you see Loic playing with his trophy:

Out of the 4 awards (early adopter given to JP, seed-stage VC given to Philippe, and one given to the mayor of Zaragoza), our Loïc Le Meur got the Entrepreneur of the Year award!

Actually - and this is amazing - Loïc told me this was the FIRST time ever that anyone had given him such an award, and that he was really moved by it. Thanks guys at Innovate! for recognizing the energy and passion of this French guy!
OK, if you missed the ceremony, here it is on video, uploaded on DailyMotion!

19 June 2005

TheDeal.com likes linking to me :)

Innovate05By now, I guess you figured out that I attended an Innovation conference last week in Zaragoza, Spain. Josh Jaffe from theDeal.com was there, and posted great comments on the conference. He was kind enough to link back to me a number of times.

Mike Sigal had invited me to blog the event among a small crowd of less than 10 bloggers. Funnily enough I even got a Press badge! After starting to blog live, I found it rather difficult to write insightful posts, while talking to everyone, and listening to the debates. That job is probably better left to professional journalists.

Hence, I decided to experiment with multimedia, and took many pictures (posted on Flickr) and videos (posted on DailyMotion) to give you all a feeling of the conference. I found the format of short 1 minute interviews of folks rather amuzing, and useful.

Thanks Chris for the organization!

18 June 2005

There shouldn't be any conference without a back channel

Gallerymsg11188445532A couple of months ago, Loic hosted the "LesBlogs" conference in Paris. When the wifi was up ( ;), we had a great back channel with a rather average Java app, that was projected behind the screen. We all had lots of fun commenting live the posts: even Jason Calacanis started chatting with us while on the panel (was it boring otherwise ?)

At another event in Boulogne earlier this year, we had about 10 bloggers sitting on the front row on computers provided by the event organizer. Posts were projected behind the speakers as well. Great interactivity in the room.

At other events, Joi Ito usually uses his #joiito channel on IRC, but it might be slightly geeky for most people.

This week in Zaragoza, there was no back channel in the conference. Luckily there was some wifi in the auditorium. A few of us (Jeff, Julio, Loic, myself...) started using Skype in multi-user chat as a back channel. Jeff calls it the backskypnel...

Event organizers: for any conference in the future, make sure that you have gone through the following checklist for us, bloggers:

- enough power plugs for laptops
- enough wifi APs, and enough bandwidth
- a good sound system
- a projected back channel

15 June 2005

Nicolas Gaume on success

Nicolas_2"Success is the capacity to go from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm"

a Winston Churchill quote...

Update: a movie on Nicolas talking about when his business went bust. Just uploaded it to DailyMotion.

14 June 2005

Company presentation: Total Immersion

Amazing presentation of this company: Total Immersion. Check their web site. I'll upload a film in a minute. Too bad I missed the first few minutes of the demo with my camera: incredible fusion between reality and 3D graphics.

The CEO, Bruno UZZAN, just mentionned that as a Frenchman, he got his major deal with Disney in the US, because of having the right technology at the right time!

He feels there are 4 markets for this technology:

- automotive
- entertainment
- military
- events & broadcasts market to generate the WOW effect at these kind of events.

Here's a little film where Bruno does the company pitch.

Update: just completed an interview of Bruno here. It's rather amazing what they do. Get it off DailyMotion.

Niko VON HEUTZ (Add Partners): exiting always on the NASDAQ is a self-fulfilling prophecy

On why we always exit on the Nasdaq. We should be start talking about European capital markets and make them as relevant to the European VC scene as US markets.

Loic Le Meur: customer money is a great way to finance a business!

Great answer from a Jeff Clavier question: what are the possibilities in Europe to VC money.
Loic Le Meur (Six Apart) gave a couple of examples of customer money.

Movie coming up.

Fred Destin (Atlas Ventures): "startups these days have to be global from day 1"

He was reacting to the panel. His questions is coming up as a short movie.

Philippe Collombel: "thank you Corporate America"

Because they provide great exits for European companies. He just gave the recent example of Yahoo! acquiring Kelkoo, and of Partech exiting on DTC. And he says, that many other exits are coming up.

And his latest stat: 37% of M&A done by US companies are done in Europe.

Update: The movie is here.

Philippe Collombel: Europe doesn't understand technology

"European managers have a lack of understanding of how technology can be disruptive and build opportunities in today's world".
He goes on to bash about how Europe is run by budgets instead of opportunity, and how the 'not invented here syndrom' is live and kicking in France, and how sales cyles are soooooooooooo long in Europe (for enterprise software).

Movie coming up shortly is up on DailyMotion.

Philippe Collombel: a GP's background doesn't matter

Philippe is preaching against himself. He thinks that operational background or financial background for GPs really doesn't matter.

His background was consulting and operational experience. The people he works with today are in no way different that those folks he used to work with in the past. Differences between European GPs and US GPs are due to market constraints, not backgrounds.

Small 1 minute movie coming up. Little movie uploaded to dailymotion.

Note: I'll be blogging short statements like this one during the day. I hope you enjoy it. If you want another format such as longer posts, just leave a comment.

Track my videos from the conference on dailymotion

Folks, I'd like to introduce a fantastic company I've been involved with for a while: dailymotion.com.
In a nutshell, dailymotion is to video what flickr is to pictures.

Here, you can follow your videos with tags, RSS feeds; and videorolls (coming up in a minute on my blog). I've just created the InnovateEurope05 tag on dailymotion, so that you can keep up with all the small videos I'm taking.

PS: dailymotion transcodes all your content into a smaller format on-the-fly. It even generates animated gifs as an excerpt flash for each movie... check it out.

TheDeal.com is covering the eventca

Josh_jeffaI had a nice chat last night with Josh Jeffa from TheDeal.com, the leading M&A journal & website. I asked him this morning to tell us a bit more about what he is doing here. Here's a one minute video that I uploaded to dailymotion.com.

Update: here are some posts on TheDeal.com's blog that offers some more acurate accounts of the discussions going on here. Pretty cool, they are linking to my pictures on Flickr, and to this blog as well. Sample 3 posts on their blog:




Blogging live in Zaragoza

Dsc04308OK, folks let's roller coast together. I'm here in Zaragoza (capital of Aragon), Spain, covering the Innovate Europe '05 Event as a blogger. My badge says 'press' ???!? Long way from my traditional role as a seed-stage VC and CEO of glowria.fr ! Mike & Chris have kindly invited me to attend and cover the conference for the blogosphere.

I've started taking pictures from our VIP dinner last night: they're on flickr:

Actually everything produced here will carry the 'InnovateEurope05' tag.

Here's an RSS feed tracking all posts on Technorati: